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Oats Red Rice Cranberry Cookies, Healthy Cookies, Gluten free Cookies

Nutrition, Recipes

Crumbly on the outside, chewy on the inside. Made of healthy, wholesome ingredients with zero compromise on taste – sound like it’s right up your alley? Make a batch of these easy-peasy cookies for your tea-time indulgence, pack them in your kids’ lunchbox, dunk them in milk and call it breakfast, even – these are THAT healthy and tasty too. Did I mention gluten-free? These cookies were first made as a part of recipe testing….

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Lentil Vegetable Rainbow Salad

Nutrition, Recipes, Uncategorized

Wholesome goodness of lentils, veggies and feta cheese, sprinkled with olive oil, pepper and lime juice. No need to cringe the next time someone utters the word ‘salad’. For salads can be mind-boggling-ly tasty, easy to assemble and chock-a-block full of nutrition too. Try it to believe it! The good ‘ole whole red lentil aka chilke wali masoor ki dal is fast becoming one of my go-to staples in my pantry. And for good reason…

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Chocolate Protein Pancakes, Wholewheat Pancakes, Millet Pancakes

Nutrition, Recipes

Pancakes are a favorite breakfast choice the world over, but what if I tell you they can be made healthy, full of essential protein and micronutrients too! These chocolate-y fluffy pancakes are made from a mix of wholegrain flours and whey powder, hence proving worthy of a post-workout brekkie that keeps you fuller and satiated for hours. Really simple to assemble and can be made in advance and frozen too, for quick breakfast option on…

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Lettuce Avocado Apple Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Nutrition, Recipes

Simplest, quickest, nutritionally-balanced meal that you can make by assembling ingredients that are readily available in your refrigerator. Feel bloated from an indulgent meal the day before? Not in the mood to cook an elaborate meal? Toss this salad, revel in its effortless goodness and thank me later! Up until few years ago, a salad to me was penance to a slice (or two) of cake or abstaining from an indulgent meal – I’d believe…

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Peach Wholewheat Shortbread Tart, Healthy Cake, Healthy Dessert

Nutrition, Recipes

Easy-peasy, quick shortbread recipe that celebrates any fruit in season -peaches, in my case here! Healthier version too, as it uses wholewheat and amaranth flours instead of refined flour. Oh, and did I mention an apricot jam filling and dollop of cream on top? Pair a biscuit-y, crumbly slice of this with some piping chai and your favorite book; you can thank me later! My obsession with healthy baking is becoming a thing – the…

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[The best ever!] Hummus Recipe

Nutrition, Recipes

[The Best] Hummus Recipe We’re not talking that ordinary droopy hummus that you sometimes get as a side/ dip with ‘em veggies. We’re talking creamy, fluffy, smooth as silk, packed choc-a-block with nutrition hummus that just teleports you right on to heaven! Pair it with pita, veggie fingers, sandwiches, idlis and dosas even – easiest way to balance your meal options. If you’ve been following my Instagram feed for a while now, you know of…

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Wholewheat Banana Bread, Healthy Bread, Eggless Banana Bread Recipe

Nutrition, Recipes

Ripe bananas, goodness of whole-wheat flour, earthy crunchiness of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and rye flakes make this guilt-free loaf of bread that you do not have to think twice about while eating or packing in your kids’ lunch box. The smell wafting through your kitchen as this bakes is a reward in itself! Ever since I started incorporating wholesome grains into my baking, my craving for sugar-laden refined flour desserts when I’m out has…

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Cherry Upside Down Ricotta Cake, Eggless Cake, Healthy Cake, Wholewheat Cake

Nutrition, Recipes

Have your cake and eat it too! – is the mantra I firmly believe in and impliment in all of my baking 😉 Take this cake for instance – tartness of caramelized cherries, comforting texture of ricotta and goodness of wholewheat flour come together to present a healthy indulgence – something you can never say no to! This must be one of the very few times that I did not make a chocolate-based cake and…

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Amaranth Peach Feta Walnut Salad

Nutrition, Recipes

The inviting fragrance of peaches with creamy sheep-milk feta, goodness of amaranth greens, crunchy toasted walnuts & dragon fruit chunks, married with a rather intriguing balsamic reduction dressing. Sounds yum, right! I was never the one to mix fruit and veggies together in a salad, but lately I’ve grown to appreciate the different textures, fragrances and flavors of various components that can come together to make a fabulous dish, and that is nearly how this…

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Mango Saffron Oats Whole-wheat Muffins

Nutrition, Recipes

Healthy, wholesome and did I mention mangoes!! Muffins that are really dessert but can be devoured for breakfast as well. Antioxidants from blue pea flower, welcoming fragrance of mangoes and saffron, goodness of oats and whole-wheat flour – need I say more?? More than year ago, I began experimenting with healthier, wholesome flour mixes suitable for baking. We know that the commercial bakeries use refined wheat flour or maids almost exclusively, and that along with…