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Jamun (Black Plum) Mango Overnight Oats Smoothie Bowl

Nutrition, Recipes

Overnight oats and jamun (Indian Blackcurrant/ Black Plum) base topped with plethora of fruits and seeds. A nutritional powerhouse of a breakfast that pleases the eye too! I keep reiterating how smoothie bowls are versatile as crazy – you can choose from wide-ranging base and toppings, decorate them as much as your ingredients, time and energy allow you to, have them for almost any meal, though I prefer them for breakfast as they can mark…

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Healthy Aloo Bhat/ Spicy Potato Rice

Nutrition, Recipes

A traditional, simple Indian breakfast or meal with rice, potatoes and ghee. Wondering how to add protein content to it and make it a balanced meal? Read on! Aloo Bhat/ Aloo Bhaat/ Spicy Potato Rice is considered the one-dish-cure-all kinda meal in my family. Sundays would begin in a laid-back manner with the vegetables being chopped and rice being prepared over the tunes of Chitrahar on DD channel, followed by the fragrance of spices being…

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All About Bulletproof Coffee

Nutrition, Recipes

Have you had your black coffee buttered and blended ever? Is Bullet-proof Coffee really the energy-igniting elixir they claim it to be? Should it really be a meal replacement? I picked up the Bulletproof coffee from all its rage in 2014-2015. Then it got dropped and people moved on to other things, while I stuck to it. Why? I always liked the idea of black coffee better, rather than the versions where coffee is doused…

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Tomato Papeta Par Eeda / Parsi Style Potato and Eggs

Nutrition, Recipes

A lip-smacking combination of tomatoes, potatoes and eggs. Makes for a great balanced meal and is ready in a jiffy – what’s not to love! One visit to Papa’s Deli years ago in Indiranagar, Bangalore, is all it took me to understand how seriously Parsis take their eggs! That visit warranted another, and then one more, and soon I was a regular at restaurants specializing in serving Parsi cuisine, like Soda Bottle Opener Wala at…

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Sajana Saag/ Drumstick Leaves Moong Dal Stir Fry

Nutrition, Recipes

A nutritive powerhouse,, where Moringa or Drumstick leaves combine with moong dal and coconut flakes to bring forth a rustic, simple yet delicious preparation. Delicious balanced meal indeed! Moringa/ Drumstick greens are not new to me as they are to some who are waking up to the West embracing this near-superfood. Moringa oleifera, known popularly as Drumstick tree, is indigenous to India and Pakistan and are grown for the nutritive and medicinal properties of its…

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Jamun (Black Plum) Banana Millet Muesli Smoothie Bowl

Nutrition, Recipes

Goodness of jamun (Indian Blackcurrant/ Black Plum), bananas, topped with millet muesli, yogurt, apples and kiwis, seeds and coconut flakes. A hearty, healthy breakfast indeed! By now my love for smoothie bowls must be obvious! I find them extremely easy to whip up, and what is more, they’re versatile as crazy – you can choose from plethora of base and toppings. Blend your choice of vegetables and fruits for the base, add seasonal fruits and…

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Murgh Methi Malai (Chicken cooked in Fenugreek Leaves & Fresh Cheese)

Nutrition, Recipes

 The aroma of fenugreek leaves, creamy texture from homemade ricotta, protein from chicken. Comfort food that does not compromise on nutrition! “Is this how you cut the pieces? How do you marinate it? How long do you cook it? Won’t it remain raw inside?” – are just some of the questions I asked my friend Ananya when I had decided to start cooking chicken at home, maybe a year or so ago. Ever so patient,…

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Healthy Muffins – Lemon Poppy Seed Buckwheat Muffins

Nutrition, Recipes

Infusion of Lemon zest and crunch of poppy seeds in crumbly, soft, healthy flour base of buckwheat and whole-wheat flour. To me, that sounds and tastes like a perfect summer afternoon! Baking used to scare me. No, really! My preferred way to cook is by andaaz or estimation, and baking seemed to require exact, measured quantities of each ingredient, which was so not my thing! So I stayed away from baking for a long time….

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Spinach Cucumber Carrot Smoothie

Nutrition, Recipes

Spinach in a smoothie, did you say? You got that right. But did you know it could be tasty too! I do love smoothies, for several reasons. For one, they’re very easy and simple to assemble -prep time is just for cutting the vegetables and fruit for toppings. Decide on the base you want, blend ingredients together, top with fruits, seeds and other ingredients and lo! Done. Smoothies make for a great breakfast or meal…

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7 Lessons I Learnt Through My Fitness Journey

Fitness, Nutrition

If you haven’t already been through my Instagram feed, where I talk a lot about my weight loss journey and the choices which I’ve made through the past year, I shall repeat it all here, albeit in a rather long, explanatory post. Grab your coffee/ chai/ water tumblers, and read on! ‘Fat’-loss, not ‘Weight’-loss But of course, internet, magazines and companies are to blame here for marketing weight-loss as the answer to everything. Sadly, most…