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All About Supplements

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Do supplements really work? Are they really needed for a fit and healthy functioning body? That scaremongering that goes on in the name of supplements and their health effects – is it valid? Here are some ‘pills’ of wisdom 😛 – albeit, science-backed and no-BS style. It happens to each and every person who’s ever stepped into a gym or run a race. It’s so prevalent in fitness freaks that it baffles the daylights off…

A woman doing hanging leg raises in a gym, explining benefits of strength training
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All about Strength Training | The benefits of weight training

Fitness, strength training, Wellness, women who lift

What is all the fuss about #strongereveryday? Why is strength training important or even relevant for you? Is the daily amount of walking you do to finish chores at home enough to qualify as exercise? Why is it important to build muscle strength and endurance? Read on to know the research-backed benefits of incorporating strength training in your life, and how to get started. ABOUT MUSCULAR STRENGTH & ENDURANCE Lean muscle mass diminishes with age,…

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Influencers – Anjali Dange

Fitness, Influencers, Nutrition

This interview has been long pending and delayed, for Anjali and Doctor Kavita is what marked the beginning of this blog, and before I met them all I had was active, vivid interest in fitness and nutrition, a domain name and no other plans. It was up to these two exceptional women to encourage me to dive head-first into the world of fitness and healthy food blogging. Their faith in my abilities is overwhelming, and…

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Influencers – Dr Madhuri Palli

Fitness, Influencers

When I first requested her for an interview, Dr Madhuri replied with, “Sure, but I’m not doing anything all that great!”, while I’m convinced she is! Serene, modest and calm, Dr Madhuri has a friendly personality that can easily belie the steely resolve that lay underneath, for she’s a true go-getter once she’s made up her mind. She runs, cycles, lifts weights, treks, swims, enrols into Zumba classes even – all with a full-time career…

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Influencers – Mahua Deb

Fitness, Influencers

Ever-bubbly, cheerful, ready to help, Mahua is a rare personality – the kind you will want to have more of around you. I first met Mahua during one of our Healthy Eating Awareness events at Kausalya, and she was very kind to hold my hand through my healthy cooking demonstration. We realised we were doing our Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education together too, and that was another torturous journey we undertook together. Her passion…

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Influencers – Vishwa Bharath Reddy

Fitness, Influencers

“I can’t work out because I have this knee problem/ weak shoulders/ wrist pain/ random health condition” “The gym is crowded in evenings when I’m free” “It’s all fine for you – you don’t have kids or a full-time job” I keep reiterating – most ‘reasons’ that keep you from working out regularly and take care of your health are actually glorified excuses. Fitness enthusiasts have heard them all, and guess what, some of them…

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Influencers – Dr Kavita

Fitness, Influencers

I met Dr. Kavita, or ‘Doctor’ as we fondly address her, through my previous venture Rangkosh owing to her passion for handloom weaves, but it was merely a social acquaintance. However, an FB post narrating her foray into fitness and running is what got us to meet up finally. Once we met, our common interest in healthy eating and fitness as a way of life created a special bond, one that I have come to…

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7 Lessons I Learnt Through My Fitness Journey

Fitness, Nutrition

If you haven’t already been through my Instagram feed, where I talk a lot about my weight loss journey and the choices which I’ve made through the past year, I shall repeat it all here, albeit in a rather long, explanatory post. Grab your coffee/ chai/ water tumblers, and read on! ‘Fat’-loss, not ‘Weight’-loss But of course, internet, magazines and companies are to blame here for marketing weight-loss as the answer to everything. Sadly, most…

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Breaking the Myth: Complex Carbs vs. Simple Carbs

Fitness, Nutrition

“I’m only eating complex carbs this month to lose weight.” “Avoid the simple carbs from those potato fries babe! Munch on sweet potato fries instead.” Let me take a wild guess here: you’re finding it difficult to browse through your favorite Insta feed (including mine) without timely references to #complexcarbs, and can’t even miss the mention on attractive pin boards, and want to know what the heck is the deal with complex carbs and why…