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Aloo Dum, Aloor Dom, Potatoes cooked in rich gravy

Nutrition, Recipes

Baby potatoes in a sumptuous, rich gravy. A kitchen come alive with the fragrant spices. A comfort food, coveted and often resorted to. A great choice when friends visit. A favorite I urge mother to repeat every time she visits. A recipe jotted down with her aid, save few minor tweaks to reach a healthier version. Intrigued? Potatoes – the most preferred comfort food yet the most villainized for their starch content and ‘carbs’. “Don’t…

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Healthy Homemade Wholewheat Pizza, Homemade Pizza Recipe, Atta Pizza Recipe

Nutrition, Recipes

A favorite go-to for the most of us, I’m sure. That thin crust -soft in the center and crisp at the edges, that inviting aroma of a good tomato sauce base and choicest toppings, all tied together with oodles of cheese. Oh, if only it could be slightly guilt-free! But it is now, when you make your own wholewheat crust pizza, at home, on the convection mode in microwave even! Sound too good to be…

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Wholewheat Chocolate Ganache Cake, Healthy Cake, Eggless Wholewheat Cake

Nutrition, Recipes

Cake that is fluffy, decadent with dark chocolate doled in to hit the right notes, eggless, refined-sugar-free, glazed with a rich chocolate ganache and coated with roast pistachio and peanut crumble. Tempting, isn’t it – to have your cake and eat it too, all guilt-free! If you know me you know my obsession with chocolate – in fact, the darker it is the better it gets! Dark chocolate is my ultimate weakness and something I…

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Tomato Soup With Basil Oil

Nutrition, Recipes

I love soups and tomato soup for me is a frequent choice. Smooth as satin, rich, savory yet one of the easiest recipes, this tomato soup is a winner – it has served me well when I’m under the weather or when overripe tomatoes have been sitting in the fridge and need to be rescued. So flavorful you won’t feel like stocking up on those ready-to-cook soup-mix packets full of artificial flavorings, preservatives and tons…

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Whole-wheat Oats Herb Crackers, Healthy Crackers, Baked Crackers

Nutrition, Recipes

Hearty, crunchy, full of goodness – whole-wheat crackers are a great idea if you have friends dropping in or have a Netflix series lined up for the evening. Pair them with a Bhut Jolokia Hummus dip or Guacamole. Better yet, dunk them in your evening chai. The lingering aroma of herbs along with the spice-kick from paprika flakes and ginger gives them a unique flair – a far-cry indeed from your boring store-bought refined flour…

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Healthy Buckwheat Protein Pancakes, Kuttu ka Atta, Healthy Pancakes, Gluten-free Pancakes

Nutrition, Recipes

Fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, delicious – all these qualities make pancakes a hot favorite the world over, but ever heard the word ‘healthy’ associated with them? Pancakes can be healthy too, if you use the right flour and sweetening agents. These buckwheat pancakes with whey powder are protein-dense and packed with fiber, and will keep you happy and full for longer hours. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – pancake away guilt-free. I’m a terrific fan…

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Mavidikaya Pappu, Raw Mango Dal, Mamidikaya Pappu

Nutrition, Recipes

Tangy meets earthy, creating a delightful melange of flavors when raw mangoes and tuvar dal are cooked together; the balancing act brought by the popu or tempering done at the end. A classic Andhra dish that has become a favorite of mine now. Drizzle some ghee on top and serve with a bowl of steaming rice or even a bed of Samalu (little millet) like I do. Pair with ‘Enda Avakai’ (mangoes pickled under sun),…

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Healthy Quinoa Mung Dal Khichdi, Quinoa Lentil Kedgeree, Healthy Khichadi

Nutrition, Recipes

What is warm, comforting, most natural choice when you’re in need of some TLC and the Indian version of what Chicken Soup is to the West? You’ve guessed it – it’s our very own khichdi, khichadi or khichri. Serve it when you’re ill, or just wish to eat something light yet nutritionally balanced and filling – a bowlful of khichdi is always a wise resort. I’m under the weather a bit (the usual common cold…

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Vegetable Lentil Stew in Coconut Milk

Nutrition, Recipes

A bowl of wholesome lentil goodness with the earthy aroma of  mushrooms, pumpkins, broccoli and other veggies. Have it for lunch or dinner – filling and healthy meal option. “Why do we eat what we eat?”, is the thought that crosses my mind frequently. Why makes us decide it’s gonna be spicy peri-peri chicken nuggets or just a plateful (or bowlful) of comfort food? I believe it’s your mood and your mind that governs the food…

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Influencers – Anjali Dange

Fitness, Influencers, Nutrition

This interview has been long pending and delayed, for Anjali and Doctor Kavita is what marked the beginning of this blog, and before I met them all I had was active, vivid interest in fitness and nutrition, a domain name and no other plans. It was up to these two exceptional women to encourage me to dive head-first into the world of fitness and healthy food blogging. Their faith in my abilities is overwhelming, and…