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Healthy Buckwheat Protein Pancakes, Kuttu ka Atta, Healthy Pancakes, Gluten-free Pancakes

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Fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, delicious – all these qualities make pancakes a hot favorite the world over, but ever heard the word ‘healthy’ associated with them? Pancakes can be healthy too, if you use the right flour and sweetening agents. These buckwheat pancakes with whey powder are protein-dense and packed with fiber, and will keep you happy and full for longer hours. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – pancake away guilt-free. I’m a terrific fan…

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Mavidikaya Pappu, Raw Mango Dal, Mamidikaya Pappu

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Tangy meets earthy, creating a delightful melange of flavors when raw mangoes and tuvar dal are cooked together; the balancing act brought by the popu or tempering done at the end. A classic Andhra dish that has become a favorite of mine now. Drizzle some ghee on top and serve with a bowl of steaming rice or even a bed of Samalu (little millet) like I do. Pair with ‘Enda Avakai’ (mangoes pickled under sun),…

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Healthy Quinoa Mung Dal Khichdi, Quinoa Lentil Kedgeree, Healthy Khichadi

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What is warm, comforting, most natural choice when you’re in need of some TLC and the Indian version of what Chicken Soup is to the West? You’ve guessed it – it’s our very own khichdi, khichadi or khichri. Serve it when you’re ill, or just wish to eat something light yet nutritionally balanced and filling – a bowlful of khichdi is always a wise resort. I’m under the weather a bit (the usual common cold…

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Vegetable Lentil Stew in Coconut Milk

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A bowl of wholesome lentil goodness with the earthy aroma of  mushrooms, pumpkins, broccoli and other veggies. Have it for lunch or dinner – filling and healthy meal option. “Why do we eat what we eat?”, is the thought that crosses my mind frequently. Why makes us decide it’s gonna be spicy peri-peri chicken nuggets or just a plateful (or bowlful) of comfort food? I believe it’s your mood and your mind that governs the food…

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Chickpea Quinoa Feta Vegetable Salad with Lemony Tahini Dressing

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The goodness of chickpeas, quinoa, loaded with spinach and veggies, feta – all enveloped in a creamy lemony tahini dressing. Easy to assemble with the simplest, no-fuss ingredients, a salad that isn’t at all boring but a balanced meal in itself! Until two years ago, my idea of salad was greens and carrots thrown together on a plate. Perhaps I need not explain that salads represented penance to me, with veggies topped with a store-bought…

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Spinach Whole-Wheat Pasta in Avocado Mushroom Sauce

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Creamy richness of avocados in spinach whole-wheat fusilli – a delicious, guilt-free comfort food option that is a balanced meal in itself too – you can’t ask for more! I love pasta. I seriously do! However, the free calorie overload that comes along with pasta made from refined flour, especially while you are watching your weight or worse, trying to fight those love handles, makes it an unfriendly food option. Not to mention the oodles…

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Idli Deconstructed – The Good, Bad and Ways to Make Them Healthier

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The humble, modest, ubiquitous idlis are a favoured breakfast option for their ease of availability (especially if you stay down South of India) and quick preparation. Is idli a healthy breakfast as some claim? What is the right batter ratio? How to enhance its nutritional profile? Originating from South India, Idli is a steamed cake made from a batter of fermented rice and black lentils, usually paired with sambhar (a spicy lentil soup), a chutney,…

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Punjabi Anda Masala/ Egg Curry

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Eggs in a rich, fragrant onion-tomato gravy, for when you just HAVE to have some Indian food. Makes for a great balanced meal when combined with rice or rotis, requires simplest ingredients and is ready in a jiffy – what’s not to love! Some days you cannot be bothered with salads and smoothies, however much you love them, yet need to keep your meals healthy. Consider it as another healthy meal – and not a…

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Detox Smoothie – Spinach Banana Pineapple Smoothie

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Spinach, pineapple, bananas blend together to form a delicious base, topped with seasonal fruits, millets muesli and seeds rich in essential fats and micronutrients. Anyone ever tell you a detox smoothie can be utterly delicious too? Summers are here in full blast, and the easiest chores and meal preps in the kitchen seem like a punishment. At least they do where I live at, especially as I live near the sea where humidity is often…

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Healthy Muffins – Chocolate Banana Muffins with Buckwheat Oats Flour Mix

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Healthiest, most wholesome muffins you could come across, with goodness of Buckwheat, Oats, Whole-wheat flour, flax meal, pumpkin seeds, bananas, coconut oil, palm sugar and the darkest, most decadent cocoa you’ve ever seen! Do I have your unwavering attention yet?  My chocolate obsession has peaked over years – I NEED to have a chocolate bar by my side constantly. But then, Lindt’s 85% & above dark chocolates are relatively expensive and scant, and once you’ve…