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health and fitness supplements
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All About Supplements

Fitness, Nutrition

Do supplements really work? Are they really needed for a fit and healthy functioning body? That scaremongering that goes on in the name of supplements and their health effects – is it valid? Here are some ‘pills’ of wisdom 😛 – albeit, science-backed and no-BS style. It happens to each and every person who’s ever stepped into a gym or run a race. It’s so prevalent in fitness freaks that it baffles the daylights off…

A woman doing hanging leg raises in a gym, explining benefits of strength training
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All about Strength Training | The benefits of weight training

Fitness, strength training, Wellness, women who lift

What is all the fuss about #strongereveryday? Why is strength training important or even relevant for you? Is the daily amount of walking you do to finish chores at home enough to qualify as exercise? Why is it important to build muscle strength and endurance? Read on to know the research-backed benefits of incorporating strength training in your life, and how to get started. ABOUT MUSCULAR STRENGTH & ENDURANCE Lean muscle mass diminishes with age,…

Decadent chocolate brownies with caramel popcorn on a black background and caramel sauce
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Wholewheat Jackfruit Finger Millet Chocolate Brownies with Caramel Popcorn Topping | Multigrain Eggless Brownies | Healthy Chocolate Brownies

Nutrition, Recipes

Most decadent brownie recipe, that celebrates good health via usage of wholegrain and even plant-based flours, with the crunch of caramel popcorn and drizzle of caramel sauce. Apt for your sweet cravings when friends are visiting over, or even for packing into your child’s tiffin box. If you’ve been around, you must be aware of my fascination with usage of wholegrain/ plant-based/ alternate flours for baking. In fact, I’ve never stocked all-purpose flour in my…

Healthy Pasta, Zoodles with spinach pesto and pistachio sauce, vegan pasta recipe
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Zoodles with Spinach Pistachio Pesto Sauce and Nutritional Yeast

Nutrition, Recipes

The comfort of pasta in a a rich, smooth and delicious pesto sauce, all with reduced (in fact, recommended!) calories and zero guilty conscience. How do we do it? Easy! Introducing to you the new-age inventions called zoodles which help avoid the starch calories of refined-flour spaghetti and nutritional yeast that helps substitute fat-laden cheeses. This recipe is vegan and gluten-free too! Do I have your total attention now? I love pasta – it’s my…

fresh fruits and vegetables
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Raw Vs Cooked Food – Which Is Better for Your Health?

Nutrition, Wellness

“To cook or not to cook” has been the widespread dilemma over the recent years. While raw diets have been getting a lot of attention and celebrities vouch for it too, purists argue that the discovery of fire was one of the best things to have happened for food and evolution of mankind. Which method is healthier, and which ensures that your diet has all the nutrients you need? Read on for the real scoop…

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Eggless Carrot Cake, Millet Carrot Cake, Christmas Carrot Cake

Nutrition, Recipes

Ever wondered how to have your cake and eat it too? Add to the Christmas cheer with this healthy cake, with the goodness of jowar and wholewheat atta that is free of refined-sugar and eggless. Moist, delightfully tasty and wholesome too – also makes for a wise option for your kids’ lunch box! I first made this cake on a whim – sister was visiting and she wanted “something sweet and baked which was non-chocolatey…

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[The Bestest Ever] Oats Porridge Bowl

Nutrition, Recipes, Uncategorized

“It truly amazes me all the things you can add and mix in to truly transform a plain old bowl of oatmeal.” ~Ayesha Curry Humble, simple, handy, convenient, nutritious, but…BORING – are some of the tags associated with a bowl of oatmeal. Oats have been a part of traditional meals for people from several countries and cultures, but oats made their inroads within India and onto Indian breakfast bowls only since little more than a…

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5 Benefits of Mindful Eating

Nutrition, Wellness

  When was the last time that you enjoyed at least one meal of your day having an actual conversation with your loved ones or paying attention to what is on your plate, instead of eating in auto-mode whilst playing a game or watching a TV show? My guess is – a long while ago! Right? Read on to know how mindful eating can transform your personal life along with your health & well-being, for…

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Healthy Sweet Potato Halwa, Shakarkandi Halwa, Healthy Dessert, Guilt-free Eating

Nutrition, Recipes

Your quick, grain-free way to having the halwa and eating it too – with moderate amounts of added sugar and loads of micronutrients your way! This sweet potato halwa can be whipped up in a matter of few minutes, and can be the most ideal quick-fix for your sweet cravings. Read on to know the several benefits of eating sweet potato and how to make this delicious Indian dessert – thank me later! Festivals are…

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Persimmon Multigrain Scones, Healthy Baking, Wholegrain Scones

Nutrition, Recipes

Crunchy, crumbly, these wholegrain scones can become your most favorite snack. Pair them with your evening chai. Candied persimmons on the top make these ideal for your sweet cravings, sans any guilt or worry about empty calories! I tasted my first persimmon back in 2010 during a vacation in Singapore. Persimmons are quite a common fruit there, but for me they were a delicious novelty so I went on to devour half a dozen of…