A woman doing hanging leg raises in a gym, explining benefits of strength training
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All about Strength Training | The benefits of weight training

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What is all the fuss about #strongereveryday? Why is strength training important or even relevant for you? Is the daily amount of walking you do to finish chores at home enough to qualify as exercise? Why is it important to build muscle strength and endurance? Read on to know the research-backed benefits of incorporating strength training in your life, and how to get started. ABOUT MUSCULAR STRENGTH & ENDURANCE Lean muscle mass diminishes with age,…

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Raw Vs Cooked Food – Which Is Better for Your Health?

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“To cook or not to cook” has been the widespread dilemma over the recent years. While raw diets have been getting a lot of attention and celebrities vouch for it too, purists argue that the discovery of fire was one of the best things to have happened for food and evolution of mankind. Which method is healthier, and which ensures that your diet has all the nutrients you need? Read on for the real scoop…

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5 Benefits of Mindful Eating

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  When was the last time that you enjoyed at least one meal of your day having an actual conversation with your loved ones or paying attention to what is on your plate, instead of eating in auto-mode whilst playing a game or watching a TV show? My guess is – a long while ago! Right? Read on to know how mindful eating can transform your personal life along with your health & well-being, for…