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7 Lessons I Learnt Through My Fitness Journey

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If you haven’t already been through my Instagram feed, where I talk a lot about my weight loss journey and the choices which I’ve made through the past year, I shall repeat it all here, albeit in a rather long, explanatory post. Grab your coffee/ chai/ water tumblers, and read on! ‘Fat’-loss, not ‘Weight’-loss But of course, internet, magazines and companies are to blame here for marketing weight-loss as the answer to everything. Sadly, most…

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Healthy Muffins – Prune Ginger Oats Muffins

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The goodness of oats and the unique combination of prunes and ginger in a muffin. Zero-guilt dessert for your sweet cravings. Warm, soft and fluffy, and now wholesome – ever since I discovered that there was a way to bake healthier muffins with zero refined sugar, I’ve begun to love muffins even more. The best part – these do not have any refined flour, and can be made gluten-free, xanthan gum-free if you so wish….

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Healthy Muffins – Chocolate Banana Muffins with Millet Flour Mix

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Healthy, wholesome muffins and zero compromise on taste – doesn’t that sound amazing? Let’s face it – muffins are an obsession for most of us. And on the days you wish to indulge your sweet tooth, or crave comfort food, muffins are the best answer to these needs. However, the whopping calorie count (a muffin usually has anywhere from 200 calories, counting upwards as per flavor) owing to the use of refined flour, boatloads of…

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Breaking the Myth: Complex Carbs vs. Simple Carbs

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“I’m only eating complex carbs this month to lose weight.” “Avoid the simple carbs from those potato fries babe! Munch on sweet potato fries instead.” Let me take a wild guess here: you’re finding it difficult to browse through your favorite Insta feed (including mine) without timely references to #complexcarbs, and can’t even miss the mention on attractive pin boards, and want to know what the heck is the deal with complex carbs and why…